Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Fortify Static Code Analyzer identifies security vulnerabilities in your source code early in the software development lifecycle and provides best practices so developers can code more securely.

Reducing Security Risk By Building Better Software

HPE Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) is used by development groups and security professionals to analyze the source code of an application for security issues. SCA identifies root causes of software security vulnerabilities, and delivers accurate, risk-ranked results with line-of-code remediation guidance, making it easy for your team to address serious issues first.

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Getting Software to Production Faster

Businesses require innovative ways to accelerate the SDLC. Fortify SCA offers incremental scanning which deliver faster scan times and results, improves productivity allowing for more scans, and keeps you competitive by releasing applications faster.

Taxonomy of Software Security Errors

To help developers understand the common types of coding mistakes that lead to security vulnerabilities, Fortify's research team created The Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, which unifies the organization of vulnerabilities and maps them to industry standards.

Visibility to your application security program in one centralized management repository

Fortify Software Security Center provides visibility to an entire application security program to help resolve vulnerabilities across the software portfolio. It harnesses the power of application security data across the SDLC by measuring the efficiency, accuracy and value via dashboards and reports.

Key Features

Improve scan times, get results faster, and accelerate the time it takes to get software into production by helping developers improve their programming productivity with incremental scanning.


Supports a wide variety of development environments, languages, platforms, and frameworks to enable security reviews in mixed development and production environments.


Guided by the largest and most complete set of security coding rules that are expanded and automatically updated by the Fortify Software Security Research team.

Easy to Use

Integrate into any environment through scripts, plugins, and tools so developers can get up and running quickly and easily.

Scales to any Application

With support for the most programming languages, Fortify SCA identifies the risk in all types of applications and scales with the growing demands of the business.


Fortify Software Security Center is a centralized management repository providing visibility and reports for your entire appsec testing program. Dashboards highlight the risk in your applications and helps to review, manage and track your security testing activities, prioritize remediation efforts and control your software portfolio.

Fortify helps us find and remediate security vulnerabilities in Vital Images medical imaging software before they go to market. It is directly responsible for an improvement to the security posture of our software.”

— Tim Dawson, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Vital Image

“Fortify has helped us to establish secure development practices based on its analysis of our software security architecture and application code. We will continue to use Fortify software to test all of our software throughout its lifecycle to ensure it is secure at all times.”

— Luc Porchon, Banking Applications Project Manager, Parkeon

“Executive support and buy in across the business has been critical to our success. Development and Security working together to ensure we do the right thing for our customers and our business is key. Discovering vulnerabilities up front in the development process and educating developers to think “secure” while delivering their work is changing the way we work and deliver. This journey has been a huge team win for partnership WITH Security, culture change to an agile mindset and creating a better, sustainable process for the future.”

— Jennifer Cole, CISO, ServiceMaster

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